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The huge geographical diversity of India makes the country a virtual haven for all the wildlife and adventure lovers across the world. The huge variety of flora and fauna dotting the plains, deserts, rivers, mountains, valleys and rainforests of the country make for a great habitat for a wide range of animal and bird species. Whether it is the Great Indian Tiger that has been basking in the international glory since a long time or the Asiatic lions of Gujarat found just in this country, Wildlife tours to India offer unparalleled excitement and an unforgettable journey that reflect the rich wildlife diversity of the country. With over 13 bio reserves, 89 national parks and more than 400 wildlife sanctuaries across the length and breadth of the country, the place offers a visual treat for nature lovers in the form of mighty elephants, rhinoceros, exotic birds and majestic lions. Experience the true color and adventure of this vast land with a tailor made Tiger safari tour India reflecting the true wild nature of the country as a whole.
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