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Yoga and Ayurveda
Considered to be one of the oldest civilizations of the world, India is known around the world for its ancient Yoga and Ayurveda knowledge. Synonymous with the spiritual side of the country, Yoga tour India gives a new direction to your spiritual side with some of the most peaceful locations, natural ambience and natural trainers guiding your way into healthy living. Known as the ‘Knowledge of Life’, Ayurveda is not just a medicinal system but a way of life that originated more than 3000 years ago. Your Ayurvedic tour India will take you across all states and places that reverberate with the magical power of yoga and healing knowledge of Ayurveda. Providing a healthy combination of tranquil landscapes, lush flora and fauna and the healthy energies of the places that you are visiting, our wellness tours present you with exotic topography and pleasant atmosphere filling you up with rejuvenation and relaxation. These tours are best for people looking for relaxation of mind, body and spirit with a special focus on walks, hikes, natural food, yoga, postures, spirituality, antidotes, breathing techniques, meditation and natural therapies.
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